PENC Fellows

The PENC Fellow designation recognizes a small and elite group of current PENC members who have distinguished themselves throughout their careers through significant engineering achievements, service to PENC and service to the profession.

In being selected as PENC Fellows, candidates are recommended to the PENC Chapters for nomination, nominated by a PENC chapter, recommended by a special PENC Fellows selection committee, and ultimately approved by the PENC Executive Committee. PENC Fellows must be current members of PENC and have been PENC members for at least 10 years. They also must and have been a practicing engineer for at least 20 years and been a leader within PENC.

In conjunction with it's 50th Anniversary Gala celebration that was held February 19, 2000 , at the Washington Duke Inn and Golf Resort, PENC presented the charter class of PENC Fellows.

Future classes will be selected from chapter nominations submitted by March 15 each year for recognition at the PENC Annual Conference. A maximum of 0.3% of the licensed membership of PENC will be recognized as new fellows each year.

PENC Fellows

Charter Fellows – 2000
Dana H Rucker, III, PE, FNSPE
Charles D Averette, PE, FNSPE
Ralph E Fadum, PE, PhD *
George E Freeman, PE, FNSPE
Elbert N Hedgepeth, Jr., PE, FNSPE
Harold F McKnight, PE, FNSPE
Brian C Miller, PE, FNSPE
Larry D Nixon, PE, FNSPE
Hugh B Stokes, Jr., PE, FNSPE
Henry M VonOesen, PE, FNSPE
C E Vick, Jr., PE, FNSPE
J A Bass, Jr., PE
John Richard Cottingham, PE, PLS
Lynn W Eury, PE, FNSPE

PENC Fellows - 2001
R Glenn Agnew, PE
Marcus B Crotts, PE, FNSPE

PENC Fellows – 2002

C Guy Rudisill, III, PE
C Edward Scott, III, PE, FNSPE
Gary M Garlow, PE, FNSPE
C Jeff Reece, Jr., PE, FNSPE
James A Hackney, III, PE, FNSPE

PENC Fellows – 2003

James E Stewart, PE
Robert E Turner, PE, FNSPE
Teresa Helmlinger Ratcliff, PhD, PE, FNSPE
William L Hall, Jr., PE, FNSPE
William P Wells, PE

PENC Fellows – 2004
Lewis M Dibble, PE
Larry R Goode, PhD, PE, FNSPE
Don B Jessup, PE
Rondal J Sharpe, PE
Henry V Liles, Jr., PE, FNSPE
PENC Fellows – 2005
David L Phipps, Jr., PE
Robert D Snyder, PE
John R Andrew, PE
Kenneth K Humphreys, PhD, PE, FNSPE

PENC Fellows – 2006

Gilbert R. Alligood, PE, FNSPE
Paul B. Goodson, PE, F.NSPE
Donald H. Kline, PE
William L. McElrath, Jr., PE
Deborah M. Shive, PE, FNSPE
David T. Young, PhD, PE

PENC Fellows - 2007
Michael W Creed, PE
Arthur L "Buck" Kennedy, PE
Steve W Smith, PE
W Dale Thompson, PE
Robert W Via, PE

PENC Fellows – 2008
William C. Canady, PE
Terry S. Carroll, PE
David M. Heiser, PE
David L. Pond, PE, FNSPE
William T. Steuer, PE

PENC Fellows – 2009
Daniel E. Dawson, PE, FNSPE
Joseph G. Gentry, PE
William A. Roberts, PE

PENC Fellows – 2010

Christopher H. Brown, PE, F.NSPE
Stephen C. Kaufman, PE
Thomas A. Sherard, Jr., PE
Marc R. Worth, PE

PENC Fellows - 2011
Pamela B. Townsend, PE
Donald R. Brittain, PE
Herbert P. McKim, PE
Bill Burton, PE

PENC Fellows - 2012

Joe Price, PE Hoy Bohannon, PE

PENC Fellows-2013
Mark Sessler, PE
Curtis Brookshire, PE, FNSPE

PENC Fellows- 2014
Judy Weseman, PE, FNSPE
C. Nathan Nallainathan, PE

PENC Fellows – 2015
Tom Bach, PE
Herb Congdon, PE, F.NSPE