Professional Engineers of North Carolina (PENC) is the ONLY organization in the state that exists to protect your professional engineering license. Comprised of over 1100 licensed engineers, Engineer Interns, and engineering student members, PENC is committed to promoting and protecting licensure and the ethical practice of engineering.
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Hilton Reservations-NC Engineers Summer Conference-06.14-18.2017



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Engineering News

2016-2017 Officers inducted:
PENC President -
Nathan Epling, PE
PENC President-Elect - Paul Shivers, PE
PENC Secretary - Vacant
PENC Treasurer - Tom Bach, PE
PENC Past-President - Susan Habina Woolard, PE

At-large directors are:
Sarah Spagnola, PE
Greg Welsh, PE
Rob Downs, PE

NSF Law and Social Sciences program issues new awards

Past LSS funding has produced breakthrough discoveries in such areas as the causes of crime.

Critical societal issues ranging from violent crime to the operation of the U.S. legal system demand the b...

NSF-supported scientists present research results on ecosystem change

Marshes absorb wave energy, helping protect coasts from severe storms and sea level rise.

On March 21, scientists from across the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network will take par...

Note from the director: Broadening participation through NSF INCLUDES


France Córdova is the director of the National Science Foundation (NSF). To read more posts from the director, check out her Notes from the Field blog.

Q&A: Exposing the realities of eviction

Social scientist and ethnographer Matthew Desmond's research methods include living in the communities where he studies eviction.

"Eviction" is a term that has become increasingly familia...

A low-cost mechanical device for minimally invasive surgery

More affordable robotic arm for minimally invasive surgery

Surgeons can now use a new type of mechanical instrument to perform complex, minimally invasive procedures, also known as laparoscopic surgery, thanks to researchers and small business ...

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1500 Sunday Dr. Suite 102
Raleigh, NC  27607


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June 15-17, 2017 - PENC Annual Conference Wilmington, NC
Hotel Registration is Now Open! Follow the link below for early bird rates!

Hilton Reservations-NC Engineers Summer Conference-06.14-18.2017


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